Why, What & How?


Wishunt is a safe & dependable online shopping experience for Bangladeshis who love Brands & Products available in Malaysia. Trusted & Reliable Travellers carry products with care for Shoppers.

Wishunt is a joint initiative of Malaysian and Bangladeshi Nationals where coordinated efforts are made to provide user satisfaction.

At wishunt.com, you get to Shop from thousands of products from YOUR favorite brands and stores online. Whether you are interested in Beauty & Care, Home & Decor, Munchies,  Consumer Electronics or items for Kids, save your travel expenses and your precious time because we have got you covered!

We focus our aim to safely deliver products from Malaysia that you love and wish for. There are days when you do not have the time to travel or don’t have acquaintances who can bring an item for you. In such circumstances, our Wishunt team becomes the trusted friends you ask to bring back items by paying them in advance.

You just find your favorite item within our site www.wishunt.com , you add it to your cart and pay for it at checkout (within 48 hours) and we will confirm your request via message (SMS or email) and purchase your order within 72 hours. Your ordered item will then get shipped to our Malaysian drop off point. The Malaysian team passes on your items to Travellers who agree to rent out luggage space and carry it to you. The next day the product is safely delivered to your doorstep. Since we ship every 3-5 days, You get what you have wished for within just 9 – 14 days approx. after your order confirmation.

Ordering in Wishunt is very easy and safe!

To place an order, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Locate a Product from www.wishunt.com

Find your product either by clicking on categories, Brands or by using our search bar.

Step 2: Add to Cart

After clicking on the product,  and then Click on Add to Card. If you wish to Checkout, then click the Cart sign on the top right corner and click the Checkout button to take the item directly to Invoice Page. If you wish to purchase more than one item, you can click on Add to Cart and continue shopping.

Step 3: Select Delivery Method

Select your preferred delivery method. Currently, we offer home delivery OR Collect your item from our Pick up Point in Baridhara.

Step 4: Payment Method

You may choose bKash, credit/debit card through our secured SSL Commerz payment gateway, or bank deposit.

Step 5: Completing Payment Procedure

For online payments, you have a 20-minute window to pay or your order gets cancelled

For bank deposit, please deposit within 48 hours to confirm the order.  After making the payment, send us the deposit slip on fb messenger.

Step 6: Payment Status

Once your payment is confirmed, your payment status will be shown as Processing.

Step 7: Order Confirmed & Purchased

Payment must be completed within 48 hours after checkout or your cart gets expired and you will have to add your items again. As soon as we’ve received confirmation / transaction ID of payment, we’ll send you a confirmation SMS  & Email and purchase your item within 72 hours.

After the purchase, our Malaysian team will pass the item to reliable Travellers who have agreed to carry your items in their luggage with care.

Step 8: Status notification

Status notification and updates of your order will be notified to you via email or FB Messenger.

Step 9: Receive / Collect Your Item

As soon as the traveller hands your item over to us in Bangladesh, we send it to you as per your chosen delivery method

We typically take 9-14 days to deliver after receiving confirmation of payment. For any assistance, you can always email us at [email protected].

Shoppers may choose between:

  1. Home Delivery Service or 
  2. Pick Up Service.

For Home Delivery Service within Dhaka, there is a charge of BDT 100.

For Home Delivery Service outside Dhaka, there is a charge of BDT 200.

**Please note, depending on the delivery address, we either provide home delivery or use a courier service. If the delivery is by courier service, we’ll inform you about it along with updating you on how to receive your items.  Kindly, check your email or facebook notifications to stay up-to-date.

For Pick up Service, we will email you when your item arrives and is ready to be picked up. Below is the address of our Pick Up Point

Road 12, House 8/K, 2nd Floor, Baridhara 1212, Dhaka.

You can pick your items up from Sunday – Thursday & Saturday, from 10am to 5pm. On Friday, Pick Up hours are from 10 am -12 pm & 4 pm – 5 pm only.

We ship every 3-5 days. So go ahead and order whenever you want!

You can rely on Wishunt as it is a joint initiative of Malaysian and Bangladeshi Nationals with its sole focus is set on providing optimum satisfaction to the Shoppers. We love Malaysian brands, products and retails ourselves but unfortunately we have not found a platform which is not limited to a few products or convenient to shop in or delivers within a reasonable short period of time.

Therefore, Wishunt is created to be a professional, safe & dependable platform that facilitates Bangladeshi Shoppers to smoothly purchase online their very favorite items & branded products.

Our BKash Merchant account and SSL secured payment gateway allow Shoppers and Travellers to safely make transactions.

We assure you that the item we deliver would be exactly the one you had selected and will be delivered within 9 – 14 days after payment confirmation. We also assure that all branded products we bring are 100% original.

Our dedicated Malaysian team ensures that trusted travellers are thoughtful and caring about bringing your requested item. Delivering your products safely and on time are made to be their Top Priorities. Your products are collected within 1 – 2 hours of Travellers’ arrival to prevent any further delay.

You can check our professional & secure website setup, and our engaging facebook page. Once satisfied, you can sign up, make a wish and place an order.

Shoppers pay in full for the product first because it makes sense for both the Shopper and our selected Traveller. Since we expect a premium service from selected Travellers, we pay them handsomely for renting us their luggage space. We aim to eliminate two primary risks:

1.The Traveller running away with the item for themselves, AND

2.The Shopper not paying for the item upon its delivery (item being without any fault or simply because he/she has a change of mind)

We solve the above concerns by collecting the money from the Shopper beforehand, confirming the deal, hence eliminating possible risk no.2. We pay the traveller within 2-4 working days after they deliver the items to us, thereby eliminating possible risk no. 1. Because we are practical, such measures are important to take on.

We do not wish to upset our valuable Shoppers ever! It is inconceivable to us, but, if and when you receive a faulty item, please be kind to notify Wishunt support team through an email to [email protected]

Wishunt’s return policy is as follows:

For Pickup

We request you to come in person and check the item when you’re collecting it in case you had chosen to pick up your item from our Pick up point. If you find any fault with it, let us know through an email that you left it behind due to a fault.

However, in case you are sending a representative/assistant on your behalf to pick up, then you have a 24 hours window to notify us if the product is faulty/wrong product (does not match order description or size or color from our end).

If you do not notify us within 24 hours, we understand that you have confirmed and accepted your item. Thereafter, a return policy is ineffective.

For Home Delivery within Dhaka

We highly suggest that Shoppers check the product right on the time they receive it from the delivery man. If the product is found faulty/damaged/wrong product/ wrong size or color from our end, kindly return it back to the delivery man immediately. In this way time and cost associated with bringing it back to our Pick Up Point can be saved.

In case the product cannot be checked on delivery for not being at home to check the item right away. In this case, Shoppers need to inform us within 24 hours of having received the item and then send it back to our Pick Up Point within the next 24 hours. The cost associated with dropping the product to Pick Up Point and picking it up from there would be covered by the Shopper.
If you do NOT notify us within 24 hours after delivery, we understand that you have confirmed and accepted the item. Thereafter, return policy will be ineffective.  

For Home Delivery Outside Dhaka

Shoppers will have a 72-hours window to notify us and another 72 hours to send it back to our Pick Up Point. The Shopper would need to cover the costs associated with the courier delivery of the item back to our Pick Up Point. After we’ve received the item, we will investigate it and will provide an update via email. The investigation will take a maximum of 7 working days to conclude.

If you do NOT notify us within 72 hours, we understand that you have confirmed and accepted the item. Thereafter, return policy will be ineffective.


We will either repurchase the item or will provide a full refund depending on your preference if the item is found damaged/faulty/not working/wrong model/wrong size or color purchased from our end. However, if we are to repurchase the item, then it will take around our usual 9 – 14 days timeline. After the item arrives, we will provide free delivery to your address.

If on the other hand, the item is not found faulty, then we will communicate with you either through email or over the phone. We will then deliver the item as per its primary delivery method and the Shopper will have to cover the cost associated with the delivery.

As a valuable Shopper, you agree that you understand what you are ordering. If the product is not damaged/faulty/wrong size or color from our end, a return will not be acceptable. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

All returned Products must be unused (e.g., not worn, washed, damaged, or altered) and returned to our Pick Up Point.  Unauthorized returns will not be refunded or credited to your account, and we may handle or dispose of those products as we see fit in our sole discretion.

Our total price includes what we pay the seller/supplier/retailer, what we pay the Traveller, and what we keep as Wishunt Service Charge.

What we pay the Seller/Supplier/Retailer includes the item price, sales tax and shipping charges. We follow a flat rate of BDT 22 per RM to calculate what we pay the seller.  

What we pay the Traveller is the amount that goes to the trusted Traveller for carrying and safely delivering the item(s). Please understand that the bigger or heavier the item, the more the traveller gets paid. For certain items where we have to pay Traveller too much, Wishunt does not  charge any fee.

Wishunt Fee is our service charge. This amount helps us run our operation, and offer caring services like Shopper Support, deal with Warranty, Insurance for damaged/missing items etc.

We wish to establish a consistent premium service with support from the Malaysian and local Bangladeshi team. In summary, Wishunt Fee helps us run our operations without any bumps.  

If you can’t find what you are looking for in wishunt.com , please use our Request a Product page. You can either send us a message via FB messenger or fill in a Request form.

We recommend you look at the following websites and send us a link for your desired product:

Top Three Recommendations:

  1. www.Lazada.com.my (For official branded stores, click on Laz Mall)
  2. www.zalora.com.my
  3. www.ikea.com/my/en/store/damansara/

Other Website Recommendations:

  1. https://www.charleskeith.com/my
  2. https://www.zara.com/my
  3. https://cottonon.com/MY
  4. https://www.sephora.my

5  https://www.toysrus.com.my

Typically, we deliver within just 9-14 days after the full payment is made.

We lose your trust if we delay, so delay may only occur during extenuating

circumstances or due to acts of God.

Currently, the payment methods we are offering are: BKASH, Online Card Payment via SSL Commerz Payment Gateway, & Bank Deposit.

We do NOT accept cash on delivery OR Pay during Collection.

All payments should be made in advance before we can process your order.

After you confirm payment, a reliable Traveller will Pay in full and purchase your ordered item on your behalf.

To give Security to our Travellers, we ask Shoppers to kindly PAY First in full (including delivery charge)

Once the Traveller hands over the item to us, we reimburse it to them and deliver your item to your address.

100% Money back guaranteed if we do not bring you the exact product.

Yes, Please! When Shoppers log in, it ensures convenience and safety for everyone.

After you have checked out, kindly make the payment within 48 hours. Then, you will receive a confirmation message (SMS) or email with the order details. Once you have submitted your BKASH transaction ID, or made an Online Card Transaction, or submit the Bank Deposit slip, your Product will be confirmed & purchased within 72 hours.

Once you have confirmed your order by making the full payment, it is non-refundable and you cannot cancel the request. Only before making the payment, the order is not confirmed and you may cancel the request.

We apologize. We do NOT take orders by phone, email or any social media. We take requests only through our website, www.wishunt.com  This ensures safety and save everyone’s time.

We apologise! Shoppers can only order through our website, www.wishunt.com . This ensures convenience, safety, and save everyone’s time.


Our biggest assurance to our Shoppers is all branded products are 100% original. The branded products displayed in Wishunt.com are from original sellers’ online stores within Lazada.com and others.

If needed, for authentication purposes, Shoppers can request to see receipts/e-receipts for their products to gain clarity.  

Here is everything you need to know if you are interested to be a Wishunt Traveller:

Step 1: Register as a Traveller
The first step is to go to www.wishunt.com and click on Traveller Register button on the top right. Please fill up all the information required. To be eligible for the immediate shipment, you will have to notify us at least 10 Calendar days before your arrival in Dhaka from KL. However, if you do NOT notify us at least 10 calendar days before your arrival in Dhaka, you will not be eligible for the next shipment but we will keep your information saved. Knock us the next time you fly. This is to ensure efficiency in our operation.

Step 2: Verification
Once you appear as eligible in your application, within the following 24 hours, we will verify your details and contact you over the phone to confirm your request to be a Traveller & how much luggage space you agree to rent out to us.

Step 3: Pay the Deposit
You will be notified the amount you have to pay as a deposit when we deliver the items to you. The amount you pay is the total amount the items are worth. You will need to pay (OR have paid via a bank deposit OR our website in BDT) OR to the team member in Malaysia in RM.

Step 4: Receive Items
You will receive the items before your flight at the agreed time and place.

Step 5: Details of your Bank A/C in Bangladesh
Kindly provide the details of your bank A/C in Bangladesh where you would like to be reimbursed the deposit along with your luggage space rent amount.

Step 6: Sign Receipt
Please sign the receipt provided whereby you read, understand the description of items you are carrying, and agree to bring back the items safely to us (Please read Clause No. 5 in Terms & Services for more info).

Step 7: Packing Items Safely
Travellers are advised to please note

    1. All liquid items and books will have to be wrapped in plastic bags.
    2. All fragile, sensitive, soft or small items will have to be put in a buffered bag or in your carry on.

Step 8: Delivery / Received at Dhaka Airport
During the delivery,  you will receive details of the person who will       
receive you in the Dhaka Airport and collect the luggage from you.

You may also request for a drop off hospitality service only if you reside in Gulshan 1 & 2 / Banani / Baridhara area. Depending on the circumstances, you can also choose to deliver the items on your own to our delivery point in Baridhara within 24 hours of your arrival.

Once we receive the items in Dhaka, we will reimburse you within 2-4 working days to your account. We’ll also return your luggage / bags at your convenience.

We would appreciate if you kindly share your experience as a Wishunt Traveller with your friends & family.

Overweight charges

If you are charged with excess weight, please provide us the document for your excess luggage fee upon meeting our team member either in the airport or at our drop off point in Baridhara. We will validate the document and include the excess charge amount along with the total agreed reimbursement amount in your bank account.

Taxable items / Customs

Generally, our items which you carry are not taxable. However, if there is a customs charge involved, it is the Travellers’ responsibility to declare and pay duties. Rest be assured that the Travellers’ rent will remain handsome regardless of any duties they may have to pay on very rare occasion.

Broken Items during Transit

If an item is already broken when our team members bring it to you in Malaysia, we’d need you to notify us before your flight.

If items are damaged during transit, we understand it is unintentional and Travellers won’t be charged for the damages caused. On the other hand, if an item is damaged or is left behind between the time we have delivered to you and before your flight, you’d need to contact us immediately. Our team will evaluate the extent and cause of damage done and will determine whether you may or may not have to pay a charge for damages.

Nature of items to be carried

Our Wishunt team ensures that we send items which any Traveller can safely carry without having to face challenges legally or otherwise.

When we deliver items to you, you will learn the name and category of each items you will be carrying. However, because our Shoppers expect their items to be in mint condition, Travellers are NOT allowed to open any packages or repackage after receiving the delivery in Malaysia until the handover in Dhaka.

Total weight to be carried

Our team ensures that the items weights are as per what you have agreed to rent out and do NOT exceed the maximum limit of 35 kgs (as per the maximum weight allowed by the airline)

Luggage Misplaced / Lost

If in any case a luggage gets misplaced, please provide us with valid documents (for example, check in tags with barcodes after you have checked in for a flight) that have been issued by the airlines. Please understand that we would also need your help collecting compensation from the airlines’ authorities for the loss. Besides, most lost luggage are easily traceable and retrievable. However, without receiving the compensation, we are not able to reimburse you the deposit.

Paying Deposit in advance / Getting Reimbursed

Wishunt is a platform creating conveniently a bridge between Shoppers and Travellers where Shoppers place requests and Travellers carry those items on their behalf. Ideally, Travellers would pay for these requested items themselves and would collect their reimbursement once they arrive in Bangladesh since Shoppers’ payments are collected in BDT. However, to help our Travellers save time and trouble of buying various items from various stores, we make those purchases ourselves while you only provide us the item cost.

Thank you for understanding, that like most businesses, Wishunt has to cover operations and miscellaneous costs. The Shopper’s payment received in BDT remains in Bangladesh reserved in our Bangladeshi account. After we receive the items from travellers in Bangladesh, we reimburse travellers from that reserve within 2-4 business days. We take upto four business days only in exceptional cases like luggage misplacement, items damage evaluation etc.. Other than that, we reimburse as quickly as 2 working days.

Currency / Method to deposit after receiving the items from Wishunt in Malaysia

You may deposit through any of the available methods: bank deposit in our Bangladeshi bank A/C, Credit Card payment in our website or in our Baridhara Pick up Point, or Pay Cash in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) to our team member who delivers the items to you in Malaysia.  

Conversion rate

To process reimbursement of the deposited amount, we always take the bank’s highest RM selling rate for the current day.

Privacy / Use of Information

Your Privacy is important to us. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information

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