Guidelines to request a product from IKEA

We request all purchasers to keep the following in mind:

  1. You could either directly go to Ikea Damansara website here  or find Ikea products in and click on Category->Decor-> Ikea
  2. Wishunt connects with Travellers who bring back items in luggage for Purchasers who request for them. Hence, we have come up with some reasonable restrictions:
         All requested IKEA products may NOT exceed the weight of 5 kgs / product
         All solid/heavy/wooden Ikea products within the following dimension are acceptable:
               -3 ft. Height X 1 ft. Width x 6 inches length (90 cm X 30 cm X 15 cm)
              -2ft. Height X 2ft. Width X 6 inches length  (60 cm X 60 cm X 15 cm)
  3. You can easily find the weight and packaging size of the product in IKEA Damansara website under Product / Packaging Information
  4. Below is an example of a product in Ikea:

    Check product availability in IKEA Damansara store

Then check product packaging details to fit our given restrictions

Below are some product links that are acceptable within our restrictions. You may send us any of these following URLs in the request a product page:

Table Lamp


Shower Curtain

Artificial Plants

Flower Vase

Plant Pot


Lantern / Candle Holders



Spice Rack / Jar / Mill

Cushion Cover

Picture Frame


Storage Box

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