Traveller FAQ

Here is everything you need to know if you are interested to be a Wishunt Traveler:

Step 1: Register as a Traveler
The first step is to go to and register as a traveler. Please fill up all the information required. To be eligible for the immediate shipment, you will have to notify us at least 10 Calendar days before your arrival in Dhaka from KL. However, if you do NOT notify us at least 10 calendar days before your arrival in Dhaka, you will not be eligible for the next shipment but we will keep your information saved. Knock us the next time you fly. This is to ensure efficiency in our operation.

Step 2: Verification Phone call
Once you appear as eligible in your application, within the following 24 hours, we will verify your details and contact you over the phone to confirm your request to be a traveler & how much luggage space you agree to rent out to us.

Step 3: Pay the Deposit
You will be notified the amount you have to pay as a deposit when we deliver the items to you. The amount you pay is the total amount the items are worth. You will need to pay (OR have paid via a bank deposit OR our website in BDT) OR to the team member in Malaysia in RM.

Step 4: Receive Items
You will receive the delivery before your flight at the agreed time and place.

Step 5: Details of your Bank A/C in Bangladesh
Kindly provide the details of your bank A/C in Bangladesh where you would like to be reimbursed the deposit along with your luggage space rent amount.

Step 6: Sign Receipt
Please sign the receipt provided whereby you read, understand the description of items you are carrying, and agree to bring back the items safely to us (Please read Clause No. 5 in Terms & Services for more info).

Step 7: Packing Items Safely
Regarding Packing items, Travelers are advised to please note

    1. All liquid items and books will have to be wrapped in plastic bags.

    2. All fragile, sensitive, soft or small items will have to be put in a buffered bag or in your carry on.

Step 8: Delivery / Received at Dhaka Airport
During the delivery,  you will receive details of the person who will       
receive you in the Dhaka Airport and collect the luggage from you.

You may also request for a drop off hospitality service only if you reside in Gulshan 1 & 2 / Banani / Baridhara area. Depending on the circumstances, you can also choose to deliver the items on your own to our delivery point in Baridhara within 24 hours of your arrival.

Once we receive the items in Dhaka, we will reimburse you within 2-4 working days to your account. We’ll also return your luggage / bags at your convenience.

We would appreciate if you kindly share your experience as a Wishunt Traveler with your friends & family.

Overweight charges

If you are charged with excess weight, please provide us the document for your excess luggage fee upon meeting our team member either in the airport or at our drop off point in Baridhara. We will validate the document and include the excess charge amount along with the total agreed reimbursement amount in your bank account.

Taxable items / Customs

Generally, our items which you carry are not taxable. However, if there is a customs charge involved, it is the travelers’ responsibility to declare and pay duties. Rest be assured that the travelers’ rent will remain handsome regardless of any duties they may have to pay on very rare occasion.

Broken Items during Transit

If an item is already broken when our team members bring it to you in Malaysia, we’d need you to notify us before your flight.

If items are damaged during transit, we understand it is unintentional and travelers won’t be charged for the damages caused. On the other hand, if an item is damaged or is left behind between the time we have delivered to you and before your flight, you’d need to contact us immediately. Our team will evaluate the extent and cause of damage done and will determine whether you may or may not have to pay a charge for damages.

Nature of items to be carried

Our Wishunt team ensures that we send items which any traveler can safely carry without having to face challenges legally or otherwise.

When we deliver items to you, you will learn the name and category of each items you will be carrying. However, because our Purchasers expect their items to be in mint condition, travelers are NOT allowed to open any packages or repackage after receiving the delivery in Malaysia until the handover in Dhaka.

Total weight to be carried

Our team ensures that the items weights are as per what you have agreed to rent out and do NOT exceed the maximum limit of 35 kgs (as per the maximum weight allowed by the airline)

Luggage Misplaced / Lost

If in any case a luggage gets misplaced, please provide us with valid documents (for example, check in tags with barcodes after you have checked in for a flight) that have been issued by the airlines. Please understand that we would also need your help collecting compensation from the airlines’ authorities for the loss. Besides, most lost luggage are easily traceable and retrievable. However, without receiving the compensation, we are not able to reimburse you the deposit.

Paying Deposit in advance / Getting Reimbursed

Wishunt is a platform creating conveniently a bridge between Purchasers and travelers where Purchasers place requests and travelers carry those items on their behalf. Ideally, travelers would pay for these requested items themselves and would collect their reimbursement once they arrive in Bangladesh since Purchasers’ payments are collected in BDT. However, to help our travelers save time and trouble of buying various items from various stores, we make those purchases ourselves while you only provide us the item cost.

Thank you for understanding, that like most businesses, Wishunt has to cover operations and miscellaneous costs. The Purchaser’s payment received in BDT remains in Bangladesh reserved in our Bangladeshi account. After we receive the items from travelers in Bangladesh, we reimburse travelers from that reserve within 2-4 business days. We take upto four business days only in exceptional cases like luggage misplacement, items damage evaluation etc.. Other than that, we reimburse as quickly as 2 working days.

Currency / Method to deposit after receiving the items from Wishunt in Malaysia

You may deposit through any of the available methods: bank deposit in our Bangladeshi bank A/C, Credit Card payment in our website or in our Baridhara Pick up Point, or Pay Cash in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) to our team member who delivers the items to you in Malaysia.  

Conversion rate

To process reimbursement of the deposited amount, we always take the bank’s highest RM selling rate for the current day.

Privacy / Use of Information

Your Privacy is important to us. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information

Purchasers pay in full for the product first because it makes sense for both the purchaser and our selected traveler. Since we expect a premium service from selected travelers, we pay them handsomely for renting us their luggage space. We aim to eliminate two primary suspicions or risks:

1.The traveler running away with the item for themselves, AND

2.The purchaser not paying for the item upon its delivery (item being without any fault or simply because he/she has a change of mind)

We solve the above concerns by collecting the money from the purchaser beforehand, confirming the deal, hence eliminating possible risk no.2. We pay the traveler within 2-4 working days after they deliver the items to us, thereby eliminating possible risk no. 1. Because we are practical, such measures are important to take on.

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